Data Centers for a
Connected Planet

Design, construction and operation of data
centers for exports and domestic provision
of SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and more. At Hyperscale.

“Every man thus lives by exchanging.” – Adam Smith

Data Center Lease

Multigrid offers you to lease one or several full-size computer rooms or an entire data center building

Our design supports power requirements ranging from 3 to 15+ kilowatts per rack with or without redundancy, and with equipment that is either air cooled or liquid cooled. We offer just-in-time solutions with capacity for 70.000 servers and 1400 cabinets per data center building and scalable solutions to suit your business needs at Hyperscale. We keep you focused on your core business.

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Built to Order

Multigrid offers you to configure infrastructure from the ground up

We offer you to create a custom data center solution with us in Stockholm. Your Scandinavian data center will deliver the amount of capacity you need. Use Multigrid to build a custom data center solution to fit your company’s requirements. We can help you to design and build a greenfield data center, starting from 5 MW. We can also advice you on data center technologies or implementation of best practices in a Scandinavian context.

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Joint Venture

Own your data center and delegate your data center management to Multigrid

Our joint venture model allows the ownership of the infrastructure to be equally shared between you and Multigrid. This model allows both of us to offer leases. Meanwhile, you are free to sell added-value services to your clients. Our objective is to create gains from specialization, permitting you to focus on your core business while Multigrid carries the burden of data center design, build and management.

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