Beyond the First Generation of Green Data Centers

[Stockholm 22 February 2017]

Multigrid’s Chairman and CEO, Dr Mattias Ganslandt took a long-term perspective on the attractiveness of green computing from a business perspective at the DI Conference on Data Centers in Stockholm on Wednesday.

There is an increased focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy in the data center industry and the rapid growth of computing and the move of digital services to the center of the modern economy has put a spotlight on the energy use of ICT companies, Dr Ganslandt observed.

– Countries in Europe make efforts to foster sustainability and putting regulation in place to cap global warming and it is accordingly a good risk management strategy for long-term investment, such as data centers, to choose renewable energy and sustainable solutions, said Ganslandt.  

The first generation of green data centers focused on free cooling and purchases of renewable energy certificates that off-set consumption of fossil electricity consumed in markets where data centers were located, Dr Ganslandt noted. These changes have resulted in energy savings and a focus on renewables – but there is considerable scope for further improvements, Ganslandt stressed.

While geography is of relevance for free cooling, location will be of even greater importance for the second generation of green data centers, Dr Ganslandt noted. This should arguably play to the Scandinavian market´s advantage, he continued.

– From a risk management perspective, the second generation of green data centers should be in locations with conditions conducive for renewable electricity production – ensuring long term supply of power at attractive prices, said Ganslandt. Moreover, locating in markets with district energy infrastructure, permits the data center to recycle energy that would otherwise be wasted.

However, consuming renewable electricity and recycling waste heat is not the end of the story, Ganslandt continued. The third generation of green data centers should play an active role in the markets for renewable energy.

– Data centers are well positioned to provide grid and system services based on reserve capacity and energy storage, both thermal and electricity storage, putting these resources at dual use and this improves efficiency, Ganslandt stressed.

The fourth generation of green data centers will take integration in energy markets a step further, Ganslandt predicted. Data centers will generate industrial synergies by trading and exchanging energy and services with neighboring companies and activities. Key to this development will be infrastructure, technical interfaces and prices, he observed. Once in place, new businesses and value can be created and the possibilities are endless, Ganslandt concluded.

Note:The Di Conference on Data Centers is held February 22, 2017 at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm, Sweden.

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About Multigrid:  Multigrid Data Centers is a privately-owned company that started its operation 2016 with the objective to build Hyperscale data centers in Stockholm. The people behind the company has many years of experience from both renewable energy and data centers.