Management Team

Mattias Ganslandt

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mattias Ganslandt (Ph.D., Lund University, Sweden) is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Multigrid. He served until the end of December 2016 as Chief Business Developer of Fortum Varme. Dr Ganslandt has published research in leading international peer-review journals and is a frequent speaker at international meetings and conferences.

Gustav Bergquist

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Gustav Bergquist is the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Multigrid. Bergquist will ensure efficient sourcing, rapid construction/development and customer adoption of Multigrid’s Data Centers. Bergquist previously was part of the Executive Management at Swedish Data Center Operator and Internet Service Provider Bahnhof.


Björn Hörlin

Chief Technology Officer

Björn Hörlin is the Chief Technology Officer of Multigrid (from March 1, 2017). Mr Hörlin specializes in the engineering, design and operations of high-reliability facilities. Hörlin previously was a partner of Sweab and a senior consultant at Sweco.


Advisory Board

Wilhelm von Frenckell

Member of the Advisory Board

Wilhelm von Frenckell, M.Sc (Agriculture and forestry) is Chief Executive Officer of a Finnish private investment company and a forestry entrepeneur. Mr von Frenckell has worked as senior manager in international banking and the financial industry for the past 27 years. He has responsibilities in several social and corporate boards. On his free time he enjoys outdoor activities with his family.

Grankulla, Finland. Born 1962.


Rikard Azelius

Member of the Advisory Board

Mr Rikard Azelius (Member of The Swedish Bar Association; 1993) is the Managing Partner of Swedish law firm Vinge in Skane since 2008. Mr Azelius has a long experience and knowledge of M&A, private equity and general corporate matters from a wide range of industries. He has provided companies and their owners with business law advice for 25 years.

Lund, Sweden. Born 1961.


Elsa Widding

Member of the Advisory Board

Elsa Widding, M.Sc (Chalmers Technical University) is head of business development at the Infratek Group. Ms Widding has twenty years of experience from the energy business and has held several positions for the three main utilities in Sweden, Norway and Finland. She has worked for the Ministry of Industry, responsible for several state owned companies, as well as for private equity firms. Elsa has also had a central role in large acquisitions in the field of transmission grid. Elsa Widding has made expert interviews and written several articles published in business papers and in leading newspapers as well as on web-TV. She is also the CEO of Elsa Widding AB, a consultancy firm focusing on analysis and giving expert advice in connection with investments in the energy business.

Stockholm, Sweden. Born 1968.


Martin Rudling

Member of the Advisory Board

Martin Rudling co-founded Keel Capital, a regulated fund management company registred in Stockholm and Luxembourg, in 2009 with Mathias Svensson and Fredrik Gutenbrant. Mr Rudling was CEO of Keel Capital AB, 2009-2016.

Lidingö, Sweden. Born  1967.