Hedge Computing

Note: Technically this article is not about hedging but diversification as a strategy to reduce risk based on cloud computing. [SEATTLE 19 NOVEMBER 2017] Separation of physical infrastructure for computing… Read more

The Power of Electricity Innovation

[Seattle, 16 November 2017] Today, Brian Klebach and CAPRE organized the Third data center summit in the Pacific Northwest. Here is an outline of my points during a panel discussion… Read more

On-grid vs Off-grid

This is a brief outline of one of the themes of a presentaton I gave with Gustav Bergquist at DCD Zettastructure in London on 8 November 2017. [LONDON 8 November… Read more

Green from Bricks to Clicks

[OSLO 30 October 2017] Data centers may benefit strategically, commercially and financially from an extensive and ambitious approach to green computing. A financially motivated GREEN strategy has five building blocks:… Read more