Lease a Computer Room or a Data Center Building

Multigrid offers you to lease one or several full-size computer rooms or an entire data center building. Our design supports power requirements ranging from 3 to 15+ kilowatts per rack with or without redundancy, and with equipment that is either air cooled or liquid cooled. We offer just-in-time solutions with capacity for 70.000 servers and 1400 cabinets per data center building and floor plans and scalable solutions to suit your business needs. We keep you focused on your core business.

Flexibility without sacrificing economies of scale

Computing capacity can be of instrumental importance in many markets where information technology is critical. When you are competing to offer the next generation of software solutions you may not have the time or the resources needed to simultaneously build out your data center capacity. Our offering helps you minimize your data center problems. We give you the advantages of economies of scale in combination with the most sustainable solutions in the data center industry. We help you reduce your time to market to gain competitive advantage.

A computer room, a data center building or a computing zone

Our computer rooms are designed for up to 176 cabinets that are 2 x 4 ft. (600 mm x 1200 mm) and a IT-load of 600 kW to 1000 kW. The computer rooms permit cabinets that ranges from a height of 42U to 57U. Up to three data rooms can be merged into one large unit and an entire data center building has a capacity for 70.000+ servers and 1400 cabinets. With two strategically located campuses we will offer you a computing zone where you can deploy your IT equipment in separate geographies while maintaining the possibility to connect your servers with redundant and low-latency fiber from the provider of your choice.